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BENGALURU, INDIA, Aug 5, 2022 – Today, Syskey Softlabs (“SyskeyOT”) announced with great pleasure a joint Technology partnership with iS5 Communications Inc. (“iS5Com”), headquartered in MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, CANADA.

The partnership between SyskeyOT and iS5Com includes an integration of the SyskeyOT’s Scribbler Log Manager(“Scribbler”) on iS5Com’s RAPTOR® iMX350 & iMX950 Models. The RAPTOR is an intelligent cybersecure hardware platform running the iBiome® OS, an all-encompassing operating system that supports L2/L3 switching and routing on a single platform.
SyskeyOT’s Scribbler product combined with iS5Com’s RAPTOR platform is a robust solution that will be highly secure, scalable, and reliable centralized log management solution for enterprises who value their log data.

“Modern OT systems are a heterogeneous environment with a wide array of devices such as Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), routers, switches, computers, and other specialized devices. Without an efficient logging solution, maintaining these devices is a herculean task for System Administrators. As the complexity of these networks continues to evolve, we believe that the integration of SyskeyOT’s technology is the right step to compliment iS5Com’s cybersecurity ecosystem. Scribbler software integrates with the RAPTOR using the iS5Com iROC module (application processor). We look forward to working with SyskeyOT and are excited to offer this solution to our customers on RAPTOR”, said iS5Com’s Founder, President & CEO, Clive Dias.

“Today, secure operation of the Industrial Control System is one of the mandatory needs to protect Critical Infrastructures around the world. Log Management System is one of the foundational pillars of Cyber security systems. Providing a secure and future-proof way to integrate Edge computing into industrial networks in harsh environments, bringing intelligence and Log processing on a decentralized levels are key requirements for digitalization and the Industrial Internet of Things. We are delighted to engage with iS5 which adds tremendous value to strengthen our channel partner network. We strongly believe that the strategic partnership will help global industrial customers to secure their critical assets”, said SyskeyOT’s Executive Director, Maheswaran Thangamuthu

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Syskey Softlabs | iS5 Communications

iS5 Communications Inc. is a global provider of integrated services and solutions, and manufacturer of intelligent Industrial Ethernet products. Our products are designed to meet the stringent demand requirements of utility sub-stations, roadside transportation, rail, and industrial applications. iS5Com’s services and products are key enablers of advanced technology implementation such as the Smart Grid, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Intelligent Oil Field, and Internet of Things. All products have the ability to transmit data efficiently without the loss of any packets under harsh environments and EMI conditions.

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