Log Management in IT and OT using Scribbler

Log Management – The Importance

Log management is a communal way of congregation, dealing out, synthesizing, and analysing excess data to accumulate all information in one place. This information is key to businesses who use such collated data for troubleshooting and getting more insights into their strategy. Data is also essential for business compliance and for securing their hardware and software resources. Data is vulnerable to cyber security threat. Safeguarding logs is one core activity for businesses and IT managers store logs in protected folders preventing any internal security fissures as well and recognises potential peril along with the mismanagement of Information. It prevents internal security fissures as well and recognises potential peril along with the mismanagement of information.


Significance of Log Management in IT / OT 

OT is the latest term for industrial automation, processes, or production control systems. Data mostly includes information on the operational processes to enhance insights into triggers out of operational changes and identify any gaps in the process.

As OT involves analysis of process data and change request response, extensive data access is required to analyse and identify root cause of issues if any. Also, safety takes prime importance and requires significant data processing.

OT processes are the central nerve of industrial organizations. A malicious attack on the process, device stoppage or disruption incurs lot of money. Monitoring the data logs for any deviations in behaviour or new requests can be highly valuable.

IT sector must deal with cyber threats that impact the integrity and data availability. Computer networks these days are largely interconnected and the infrastructure, data transmission, and threats overlap with each other.

IT process determines optimizing the user perspective and involves huge data from usage of applications and systems. Efficient system of logging helps in the operative use of the data and helps to monitor the resources in times of detrimental events.

Log management helps in the very salvage of the impairment, within a short span of period during the damage control in case of a security breach.


How Scribbler can help to manage logs securely?

Scribbler is seamlessly accessible and an efficient data gathering and storage tool. It connects with heterogenous devices such as routers, switches, workstations, and servers to efficiently manage the data. The Centralised Log Management solution helps analyse data in defective devices and trouble shoot for identifying the root cause.

They assist the overseers who are proactively alert to fix a problem. How each component contributes to managing log data.

Logstash – It is an open-sourced server-based dispensation pipeline that consumes data such as text, numerical, structured, and unstructured from various sources and stores them in the favourite hoard.

Log Storage/Elastic Search – The document-based database stores, retrieves, and manages the semi-structured data. Fast retrievals are possible due to data indexing and optimization.

SSO Integration – Option to integrate with LDAP/RADIUS server for surrogate authentication while saving the overseer from off and on boarding manipulators.

SNMP Agent – Health status is provided through SNMP v2c to enable monitoring the resolutions through the SNMP protocol.


Why Scribbler? 

Scribbler, an Enterprise Network Monitoring and Management tool caters to large enterprises to satisfy their growing customer demands. Built with cutting-edge technology, our log enthusiast collects evidence from distinct sources with live streaming of log arrival. Scribbler servers are capable of handling 10,000 elements seamlessly and highly scalable to accommodate growing network of heavy data-oriented customers.

Equipped with an intuitive dashboard and graphical reports for a full-fledged network monitoring and control. Constantly keep vigil on your infrastructure and resources, protect them from cyber threats and identify security breaches within the network using an intelligent network management and monitoring tool.

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