What is Windows Agent?

Windows Logs from Windows Machines

A light weighted tools for gathering Windows Logs from Windows machines. It enables system administrators to easily monitor key metrics and change activities over the windows environment. ​

SyskeyOT Windows Agent collects Windows Logs in real-time and forward to SyskeyOT Log Manager or any available Syslog servers over RFC5424 format.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Windows Event Log is a centralized database that records events and notifications from the operating system, applications, and other software running on a Windows-based computer or server.
The Windows Event Log contains information about various events, such as system warnings, errors, security events, and user activity. It can also provide details about software and hardware failures, application crashes, and other events that occur on a computer or server.
The Windows Event Log is important because it allows administrators and IT professionals to monitor and troubleshoot issues with their Windows-based systems. It provides a way to track events and diagnose problems, which can help to prevent downtime and ensure that systems are running efficiently.
You can access the Windows Event Log by opening the Event Viewer application on your Windows-based computer or server. To do this, open the Start menu and search for “Event Viewer.” From there, you can navigate to different event logs, view event details, and perform other tasks.
You can manage the Windows Event Log by configuring settings in SyskeyOT Windows Agent.
Yes, you can export the Windows Event Log data to upstream solutions through Scribbler Log Manager.​