What is Scribbler?

Centralised Log Management Solution

A Reliable, Secure & Scalable Centralized Log Management Solution for OT/ICS environment.

Scribbler Log Manager is a log management tool that allows organizations to collect, analyse, and store log data from various sources. It can be used to track and monitor the security and performance of networks, servers, applications, and devices.

Built for Endless Cybersecurity Uses.

Across All Teams.


Scribbler Log Manager can monitor logs in real-time, alerting administrators to potential security threats or performance issues as they occur.

Scribbler Log Manager can help organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements by providing the ability to retain and report on log data.

Scribbler Log Manager has a user-friendly interface that allows administrators to easily search and analyse log data, as well as create custom reports.

Scribbler Log Manager allows organizations to collect and store log data from multiple sources in a centralized location, making it easier to search, analyse, and report on the data.

Scribbler Log Manager automatically rotates and archives log data to prevent data loss, and also provides the ability to archive data to cloud storage.

Scribbler Log Manager allows for advanced search and filtering capabilities, so you can find the logs you need quickly and easily.

Deployment Options


​ Windows Bare Metal/Virtual Machine


Linux Bare Metal/Virtual Machine/Appliance  

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Improved visibility into OT systems and processes​
  • Faster and more effective troubleshooting of issues​
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards​
Scribbler can collect and analyze various types of OT logs, including:​
Event logs, Process logs, Security logs, Audit logs.
  • Encryption of logs in transit and at backup
  • Access control and user authentication​
  • Integration with security information and event management (SIEM) systems​
  • Compliance with relevant security standards and regulations.
Scribbler seamlessly integrates with leading SIEMs like QRadar, Logpoint, Splunk etc as it follows industrial protocol. Also SNMP Traps can be forwarded to NMS.
Yes, Scribbler comes in The APE/Industrial Computing Module as a customized Linux bundle.
  • No, there is no artificial limitation based on the license. Its unlimited nodes and bandwidth.