What is Asset Manager?​

OT Asset Inventory Management Solution ​

A powerful platform for Utilities/Critical Infrastructure customers to Centralize and Monitor OT Assets across their network. Enables Asset Discovery, Periodic Scanning, and Collection of asset details through industrial protocols like IEC61850 Ed1&Ed2, SNMP v1,v2c,v3 & WMI/WinRM, etc.

Scan. Collect. Store. Compare.

Alert. Forward.


A technique to define device type-specific attributes to perform highly customizable data collection
Discover assets within given IP range and by adding manually.
Generates macro views as well as detailed information on assets​.
Support Syslog protocol to send logs/Audit Trials to Syslog server over RFC5424. The system supports active directory SSO ​login and local user management functionality.
Asset Information reports as .XML/.CSV files and also through “API“. Forwarding to patch update center over secured connection.
Scans Periodically/Manually, Collects/Assigns parameters to device Templates. Collects through IEC61850(Edition1 and 2), SNMP(V2 and V3), WMI/WinRM, etc…
Compares / Detects changes with reference to History/Baseline​ ​Rule based Alerts upon change detection.

Frequently Asked Questions

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An OT Asset Inventory Management Tool typically allows users to create a digital inventory of their OT assets, including details such as the make, model, location, and maintenance history of each item. Users can then use the tool to track changes to the inventory, such as new additions or equipment that has been taken out of service.
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations by allowing them to quickly and easily track their OT assets. This can include reducing downtime by ensuring that equipment is properly maintained, and identifying potential security risks by keeping track of the software and hardware versions of devices. ​
  • Additionally, it can also be useful in terms of compliance and regulatory reporting, as an accurate and up-to-date inventory is often a requirement.
IEC61850 E1&2, SNMP V1&2, WMI/WinRM and in Roadmap Modbus TCP, DNP3, etc
Selective Probing a type of Active Scanning is used to collect the Asset information. 
Yes, the collected asset information can be forwarded to upstream solutions such as Patch Manager, Site Assessment etc