What is Central Cockpit?

Comprehensive Central Management Solution​

A Console to Centrally Manage, Configure, and update Patches of SyskeyOT instances spread across different sites/geographic locations.

Ensures an accurate and up-to-date Centralized Asset Inventory across the networks for identifying security gaps

Built for Endless Cybersecurity Uses.

Across All Teams.


Monitoring health of the managed applications (Log Manager, Windows Agent) Centrally.​

Updating managed instances to new releases / latest patches through single click.​​

Generates macro views as well as detailed information about the applications managed.
Support Syslog protocol to send logs/Audit Trials ​to Syslog server over RFC5424. ​
The system supports active directory SSO login and local user management functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

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SyskeyOT Central Cockpit is a web-based interface that allows administrators to manage Syskey software solutions from a central location. ​
Some benefits include centralized management, streamlined administration, increased security, and improved scalability. By providing a single point of control for managing multiple systems, Central Cockpit can help reduce administrative overhead and improve system performance.
It consists of a web-based interface that allows administrators to access and manage various aspects of the software solution.
Patch Management & Configuration Management of Syskey Solutions