Developed for Discovering & Collecting the OT/ICS Asset Inventory Information, Document and Feeds it to a Patch update center in a secured connection.

Collects asset information by using various standard industrial protocols like IEC61850, SNMP, WMI/WinRM, etc.

Forwards consolidated Asset information collected locally to patch update center with secured connection.


Discovers the available resources within given IP range and adding manually

Custom Template

Create/Custom/Assign Templates to fetch various data parameters of heterogonous devices.

Audit Trials - Syslog RFC5424

Support Syslog protocol to send Logs/Audit Trials to Syslog server over RFC5424.

Scan & Collect

Scans devices Periodically/Manually, Collects/Assigns parameters to device Templates

Collects through EC61850(Edition1 and 2), SNMP(V2 and V3), WMI/WinRM, etc.

Historical Comparison & Alerts

Compares / Detects changes with reference to History/Baseline

Rule based Alerts upon change detection

SSO Authentication – LDAP/AD

The system supports active directory SSO login and local user management functionality.

Exports & Transfers to Patch Update Centre over TCP-IP/SFTP

Auto Export of asset details as XML/CSV

Transfer asset details to central server over HTTPS Open API

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