Featuring as an invaluable tool for administrators to identify & diagnose problems on their infrastructure, consists of multiple components to collect, store, analyse, and forward logs in real-time. Cost effective solution with web-based analytical dashboard gives insights into the state of a system and its progress.

Scribbler is a solution for enterprises who value their log data. It is an one-stop solution for a centralized log management in an organization. It comes with agent and agentless methods of log collection, custom log parsing, Analysis with reports and powerful log search engine.

Log Collection

Supports variety of log sources, protocols & formats. e.g. Syslog UDP, TCP, TCP TLS with message formats RFC 3164, RFC 5424, RFC 5425.

Backup & Restore

Supports periodical backup and restoration of log data to and from the storage (local filesystem).

SNMP Health Check

Health status and assets details of Scribbler is shared through SNMP, which integrates well with any existing monitoring solution.


Analytical dashboard for visualizing the log data using charts and graphs and live streaming of logs arrival.

Filter Engine

Powerful customized filters that will keep the junk logs out of the system which can be defined to filter the logs during collection and forwarding.

Log Forwarding

Supports forwarding logs to another Syslog server. All syslog protocols (TCP, UDP, TLS) and message formats are supported (RFC 3164, RFC 5424).

Active Directory SSO

The solution supports Active Directory SSO (Single Sign On) through LDAP protocol.
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