Log Management in IoT Technology Using Scribbler Log Manager

Log Management – The Importance
Log management is a communal way of congregation, dealing out, synthesizing and analyzing, excess of data. It helps us to accumulation all the information in one place. Managing of data is essential as they are vulnerable in case, they come under cyber security threat. The IT managers create separate folders in the devices to safeguard their logs. It prevents internal security fissures as well and recognizes potential peril along with the mismanagement of Information.

Significance of Log Management in IoT Technology
The significance of log management is great and diversified in the field of IoT Technology, where it involves transfer of vast amount of data leading to numerous log archives.
Efficient system of logging helps in the operative use of the data that happens when there is transfer of material within a network. In case of detrimental events log management helps in the very salvage of the impairment, within a short span of period during the damage control.

What is Scribbler?                                                                                                                                                                          Scribbler is one such a tool which comes accessible for customers looking at Log Management that can be done efficaciously. It provides charge for trouble shooting as well as clienteles looking for a bright commercial prospect.
The log management software provided by Scribbler supports in the whole centralized log management solution for data in defective devices. They assist the overseers who are proactively alert to fix a problem. The components involved are as follows,

Log Collection – It is an open-sourced server-based dispensation pipeline that consumes data from various sources and stores them in our favorite hoard. All kinds of data such as texts, numerical, geospatial, structural and unstructured can be handled. It is compatible on conformation posts and collects data from Syslog RFC 3164, RFC 5424, RFC 5425.

Log Storage – The document-based data base is considered to store, retrieve and manage the semi structured data. The logs collected from the mass that is stored enables faster retrievals because of their indexing the data and storage optimization.

Scribbler Web App – It is the core component of the tool that masses the visual dashboard and provides effective search option when it is being navigated. It also features a filter that defines the IP address and text.

SSO Integration – There is an option to integrate with LDAP / RADIUS server for surrogate authentication while saving the overseer from off and on boarding manipulators.

SNMP Agent –The other information required for the tender such as the health Status are available through SNMP v2c. The customers can proactively monitor the resolutions through the SNMP protocol.

Why Us?

Our log enthusiast collects evidence from a distinction of sources. Live streaming of log arrival can be done We ensure customers can enable log forwarding and filters on the assemblages of the data.
We provide the two-model dispersal as needed by the patron, primarily a pre-built machine image with Cent OS Linux is used to power the image. Secondarily, Windows is apt and appropriate on the server atmosphere.
The hardware and the software for the Windows Deployment are Windows Server 2016 or higher. The CPU has a swiftness ranging from Min 6 core to 2 Ghz. The recollection in RAM is more than 8GB and the disk space is 100GB or more statistics as desired by the patron.

The other structures offered by the tool are as follows,
• A Static IP address / DNS Name
• SSL Certificate from the customer CA if TLS is essential
• LDAP / RADIUS SERVER Information for the SSO is obtainable

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